Exclusive Interview with Aakash Jugraj, CEO of Shivaksh Media Group

Aakash Jugraj, CEO of Shivaksh Media Group receives Global Achievers Awards 2021 for achievement in News Media Broadcasting for Best Media Intelligence Expert. As a Media Intelligence expert, he has helped several brands increase their ROI. He believes in the power of marketing and offers unique strategies for better brand identity. Here’s an exclusive interview with Aakash Jugraj:

Please tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Aakash Jugraj, and I’d like to introduce myself. I work with various consumer-oriented brands worldwide to help them improve their campaigns and engage with their customers.

After more than ten years in the media industry, I’ve gained expertise in media, social media, and public relations and have established myself as a Media Intelligence expert. Transitioning from media to user experience means approaching my work with a sense of aptitude and intelligence. My goal is to improve the world’s strategies and make people fall in love with the products.

What were the challenges that you faced initially, and how did you overcome them?

Because I have my own two cents in this, based on previous experience, finding and integrating the proper people into the team, maintaining a healthy balance of overspending and underspending & market research that is both authentic and well-established.

I was able to overcome these obstacles. If you don’t have a strong finance background, get one to help you make the right decisions. Carry out market research on your own; personal involvement in market research makes it hell authentic and valuable. 

What has been your most significant achievement?

My most outstanding achievement professionally was taking up the marketing campaign botched up by another company. When I was taken on, the company was struggling, failing to hit its quarterly marketing goals. My company created a new marketing plan, which I designed and integrated into the existing plan without mentorship. In only three months, we were achieving 40-50% above our designated goals. We went from operating losses to improved revenue. I’m proud of myself and would love to bring that same dedication to your company.

How do you come up with new ideas?

I pick a single topic and create a mind map outlining all related and seemingly unrelated ideas. Pen and paper are best. A whiteboard works well too. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

People that appreciate getting out of their comfort zones and stepping into the unknown encourage me. It doesn’t matter if it’s legendary climbers and sportsmen I’ve read about in books or entrepreneurs or scientists who have changed how the world works today. I’d also like to make a difference in the world, and I feel that working with your group, developing innovative ways to distribute sustainable green energy to households will allow me to do so.

What motivates you?

I’m very motivated by outcomes. I like it when I have a specific goal to achieve and enough time to devise a solid strategy to achieve it. Our yearly goals at my previous employment were quite ambitious, but I worked with my manager and the rest of my team to devise a month-by-month strategy for attaining the year-end targets. It was a genuine delight to be able to do so.

What does a typical day look like for you?

On a typical workday, I start the day by reading my emails. This allows me to respond to clients and have everything arranged first thing in the morning. I then go over my to-do list and begin working on the most important items to me. I spent most of my morning attending meetings. I am most creative first thing in the morning, so I like to conduct all of my brainstorming and writing then.

Who do you look toward for advice?

I have faith in my instincts. I believe in seeking guidance from a seasoned professional! However, because there are differences, it may not work for everyone in the same way. So take notes from everyone; no one knows everything, but everyone knows something!

How do you define success?

Making a difference in other people’s lives will always be the definition of success for me. If I know that my work has helped someone find a job, feed their family, or turn their life around at the end of the day, I sleep well at night and wake up excited to get back to work the next day.

What are your growth plans for the next 12 months?

One of my short-term objectives is to continue honing my skills. I want to assist businesses in becoming world-class. In addition, because I know that written and spoken communication abilities often work together, I’ve begun putting my hand up for more public speaking opportunities. I’d love to use my skills to help your organization become a thought leader in this field.

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