People Of Sambhal Running The Network Of Al Qaeda Indian Subcontinent From Pakistan To UP

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The largest base of Al Qaeda Indian Sub Continent (AQIS), which is preparing for the first terrorist attack in UP, is in Sambhal, a small district of West UP. Sanaul Haque alias Maulana Asim Umar alias Sannu, who was the India head of the organization, was also a resident of Sambhal. On 23 September 2019, USA and Afghan forces killed him in a joint operation. Even after this, people of Sambhal are running the network of AQIS in UP by sitting in Pakistan.

Sanaul Haque had a big hand in spreading the network of AQIS in many parts of the country including UP. He was made India head of AQIS by Al Zawahiri. Sanaul linked many people to this terrorist organization in Deepa Sarai of Sambhal. In this, Saeed Akhtar alias Qasim, Sarjil, Mohd. Asif alias Abdul Rashid, Usman alias Asad, Zafar Masood alias Guddu and Mohd. Asif is the main These include Zafar alias Guddu and Mohd. Asif was arrested by the Delhi Police in December 2015. Apart from this, Maulana Abdul Rehman Qasmi, who lives in Cuttack, was also arrested.

Many intelligence and investigative agencies of the country, including UP ATS, have information about some suspects associated with AQIS being active in Pakistan. All of them are residents of Sambhal. In this Zafar alias Guddu’s nephew Sargil is the main one. Apart from this, agencies have information about Sargil being in Waziristan, Pakistan. Sanaul Haq was also in Waziristan, Pakistan before he was killed. Before that he lived in Phatta. He was then associated with Harkat-ul-Mujahideen.

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