Razer’s Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds a viable competitor to Apple’s AirPods

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You can’t resist the urge to see when you first try Razer’s new wireless earbuds, they light up.

It’s not simply that they light up, however. They can heartbeat to the music, or adjust a color-changing pattern example like breathing as they shift between colors.

It’s an odd choice for a class of gadgets esteemed more for sound than looks. Truly, before I used them, it appeared like a gimmick meant to distract from the sound quality.

That is not the situation with Razer’s second-generation Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds. They sound extraordinary, to such an extent this is likely the first occasion when I’ve discussed whether to utilize some different other than my trusted Apple AirPods.

I’ve been trying the Hammerhead earbuds for only over a week now, and they strike a truly amazing mix of energetic sound, comfortable fit and style, and affordability at $129.99. In any case, they are deficient with regards to a couple of key components that would really put these comparable to – or let them surpass – AirPods.

The arrangement is genuinely straightforward. You pair them with your cell phone through settings, then launch Razer’s Audio app to check battery life, adjust equalizer settings and remap a portion of the touch controls.

There’s additionally a different Chroma RGB app for tweaking the colors exuding from the earbuds. You can pick a breathing example, an audiometer that heartbeats during songs, a range blurring in and out between a variety of colors, or a static one in case you’re connected to one tone.

How about we get to the main part: How do they sound? I’ve been truly amazed. Using the Enhanced Bass alternative inside the equalizer option, it seems like the bass packs more punch contrasted with other earbuds I’ve tried.

The Hammerhead earbuds pack extremely effective Active Noise Cancellation features, which attempts to hide ambient sound and let you focus on what’s getting through your buds. 

About the battery life of buds, Razer says clients can get up to 32.5 hours of life between the actual buds and the rechargeable case. That’s doubled the original version of Hammerheads.

Like most earbuds, the Hammerheads additionally have touch controls clients can activate while wearing them. You can tap once on an earbud to stop a song, for instance, or twice to skirt ahead to the next song. Inside the Audio app, clients can remap the controls to have the taps perform whichever task they like.

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