A Japanese Man Transforms into a Human Collie and Pursues Movie Star Dreams

A Japanese man, who has become widely known as “the human collie” after spending $14,000 to transform himself into a dog, has shared insights into his unique transition. Referred to as Toco, the man explained that his choice of a collie dog breed for the transformation was primarily because he enjoys raising them. He noted that selecting a naturally large breed like the collie prevented the costume from looking disproportionately odd when worn by a human. The collie’s long fur also helped discreetly camouflage the human form.

Toco expressed a desire to pursue a career as a movie star in his new canine persona, envisioning opportunities to appear as a dog in films. He revealed that the idea of living as an animal had been a long-standing dream but that he lacked the courage to make it a reality until approximately two and a half years ago. During that time, he approached several companies with his vision of creating a realistic dog costume.

His dream finally materialised when someone agreed to undertake the project, resulting in a furry garment that took six months to complete and was finished in the spring of 2022. Toco made his public debut in the costume this summer, and a video of his first walk quickly went viral, now allowing him to comfortably go out in his unique attire.

Looking to the future, Toco expressed a desire to find love with a female counterpart who shares his passion for dressing up as a dog. He acknowledged that walking on all fours for most of the day can be physically demanding, but the excitement and enjoyment derived from the experience outweigh any discomfort.

In summary, Toco’s transformation into a dog, specifically a collie, has been a longtime dream realised through a custom-made costume. His aspirations include a potential career as a movie star and the hope of finding a like-minded romantic partner who shares his unique lifestyle. Despite the physical challenges, the excitement he experiences makes the journey worthwhile.

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