Airline companies sue the Netherlands government over the decision to reduce flights

The Dutch government is being sued by five airlines over proposals to reduce the number of flights departing from the third-busiest airport in Europe.

The government’s policy was based on local concerns at Amsterdam Schiphol regarding how flying influences noise pollution and affects the environment.

According to airlines Easyjet, Tui, KLM, Corendon, and Delta, the proposals are allegedly against EU and international law. The restriction would bring the yearly flight total down to 440,000 from 500,000.

The government claims it wants to find a balance between a large airport’s economic advantages and a good living environment, giving noise pollution control a top priority. 2.4% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from aircraft worldwide.  These gases heated the atmosphere, causing global warming and changes in the climate.

KLM and the other four airlines announced on Friday that they would be challenging the government’s proposals.

“The International Air Transport Association” is supporting the legal proceedings with a different lawsuit, arguing that no serious industry discussion has been carried out.

In response, a representative of the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure stated: “Since we are currently facing a prospective judicial procedure, we cannot at this moment comment on the points provided by KLM and other entities.”

They cited the ministry’s proposal to decrease the number of planes, which shows how locals are worried about excessive noise pollution and the influence of the airport on their healthcare, global ecosystems, and the environment more broadly.

The aviation industry is struggling to lessen its carbon footprint across the globe, including by funding the creation of cleaner fuels.

Climate change-friendly air travel is still a long way off, according to scientists last week at the Royal Society, who issued a warning about the matter.

Despite the mounting harm posed to the world by global warming, demand for flights is anticipated to rise. Environmentalists contend that levies should be implemented to restrict frequent travel.

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