AirPets: Relocating Your Beloved Pets Globally

People shift from place to place in search of a job, better lifestyle, education, transfer, and many other reasons, and often at such times they just have to leave their loved ones behind. Who are these loved ones? Family, friends, relatives, PETS! Humans continue with their lives normally after some of their known people shift to some other place, but what about pets, they cannot live a life on their own, and there are many people who see their lives revolving around their pets and cannot really imagine their lives without them. 

Well, such people now have no need to worry, because the founders of AirPets have thought about them and came up with the best of solutions to take their pets to their new home where they will stay with their loving pet-parents. 

AirPets was founded in 2006 by Varun Siddhartha who before that was working with a human relocation company and was often facing question like, “What about our pets?”, when he realized that there wasn’t any firm in the market working for relocating pets, whereas the human relocation companies hardly possess any knowledge about the requirements in relocating animals. So, he saw this problem not only as a business opportunity but was extremely touched to see the affection of pet-parents towards their pets, and also, their pain when they had to part with them.  

AirPets has become the leading pet shipping company in India as a registered member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) and Animal Transportation Association (ATA). They have now expanded their sphere of services from shipping to vet clinics, from pet products to boarding facilities.   

AirPets have till now have exported 3692 pets and imported 2750, and counting. They have spread their work throughout the globe, and are relocating pets like dogs, cats, birds, etc. They are continuing to work harder and understand the emotions of pet parents all over the world. For professional Pet Relocation Services check their website –

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