Bollywood Star, Amitabh Bachchan to undergo a surgery.


Mumbai: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan on Monday revealed that he had undergone eye surgery, two days after pointing out the state of health on his official blog.
The 78-year-old actor wrote on his blog that retrieval of this surgery is slow and counterfeit to be forgiven for any typographical errors.
Eye surgery in these years is critical and requires precise management. The best is done and one has hope that everything will be alright. Recovery and recovery are slow and difficult so if there are typographical errors they should be forgiven, ‘wrote Bachchan.
The actor also pointed to eye surgery and was hopeful that he would recover before the shooting of his next film with director Vikas Bahl.
My love for all. Progress is slow and there is another eye to go so it will take a long time, hopefully all will go well during my short start. A new film starring Vikas Bahl, titled ‘GoodBye,’ ‘he wrote.
Bachchan, who wrote on Saturday about a medical condition that required surgery, said he was spending his days ‘doing nothing’ as he could not read, write or see due to surgery.
‘So you sit there and don’t forget, your eyes close most of the time and try to listen to music, which is not a very convincing pastime unless it’s done. But that too has crossed the line ‘for now.’
The screenshot wrote that he was frustrated with the love and support that came from him after opening with a state of health on Saturday.
Calling it the ’emotional moment’, Bachchan wrote, ‘I never expected it and when it comes, it overwhelms me. Thank you, I am deeply moved.
‘What could I do without the love and affection I have received from this appreciative and loving family,’ he added.

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