Boris Johnson will meet with India’s PM Narendra Modi to talk about defence and trade

Image credit: Evening Standard

Boris Johnson will meet with his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, to discuss defence and energy issues. The two are also expected to discuss a trade deal at their meeting in New Delhi, ahead of new negotiations next week.

The prime minister, on the other hand, is expected to face additional questions about his leadership and the lockdown parties at No 10.

On Thursday, MPs approved an investigation into whether he lied to Parliament about the issue. After facing opposition from inside its own party, the government attempted to postpone the vote by MPs.

The Prime Minister is now the subject of a House of Commons Privileges Committee investigation, which will begin once the Metropolitan Police have completed their own investigation into the gatherings.

Mr Johnson was punished last week for breaking COVID restrictions at a Downing Street function. He had earlier told MPs that laws were being broken in No. 10, prompting opposition parties to accuse him of deceiving them.

Mr Johnson’s meeting with Mr Modi in India’s capital takes place on the final day of Mr Johnson’s two-day trip to the country, which has been significantly delayed by COVID.

Mr Johnson stated that the UK would help India develop fighter jets in order to reduce the number of weapons purchased from Russia.

The two leaders will also address the latest developments in trade discussions between the United Kingdom and India, where Mr Johnson has set an autumn deadline for a deal to be concluded.

Conversations between the leaders about the invasion of Ukraine, on the other hand, are likely to be more challenging.

The UK has been attempting to persuade India, along with other Western countries, to abandon its neutral stance and join in denouncing Moscow, which is India’s largest arms supplier.

India’s strongest statement since Russia’s invasion was issued earlier this month, condemning deaths in the Ukrainian town of Bucha. It did not, however, blame Russia for the violence, and it has not publicly criticised Russia since its invasion in February.

Mr Johnson said cooperation with India on matters like climate change and security was “essential” ahead of his meeting with Mr Modi.

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