Changes in travel rules are ‘good,’ according to airlines

Image credit: CNBC

According to an industry group, the loosening of travel restrictions in England will give airlines a “shot in the arm.”

The government’s decision to streamline the traffic light system and reduce testing requirements was welcomed by airlines in the United Kingdom.

It “brings us far closer to the restart of UK aviation,” according to the statement. The improvements, according to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, will allow more people to travel around the world.

In England, the amber and green lists will be phased out on October 4th, leaving only a single red list that has been reduced in size.

People who have received both vaccinations will not be required to take a pre-departure test before travelling to any country that is not on the red list. They’ll also be able to use a cheaper, faster lateral flow test to replace the day two PCR test.

Airlines UK’s chief executive, Tim Alderslade, said: “This is a positive step that brings us closer to the reopening of UK aviation and gives passengers who are desperate to travel more confidence.

“Ministers have prepared a way for people to get away this October half-term and into the winter after 18 months of uncertainty by decreasing the number of red-list destinations and abolishing PCR testing.

Customers “are booking in droves,” according to Thomas Cook, who predicted that the coming weekend would be the best for sales in 2021.

The Covid epidemic has wreaked havoc on the travel and tourism industries.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, they have lost 62 million jobs globally.

“While this is a beginning in the right direction, the government should implement a system based on individual risk rather than country risk if the UK is to be a true leader.”

“We urge the UK government to use the Prime Minister’s impending visit to the United States to engage with the Biden administration to eliminate transatlantic limitations for UK nationals, as the UK has done for US travellers,” Virgin Atlantic stated.

Today’s reforms offer a simpler, more straightforward system, “stated Grant Shapps.”

“With more than eight out of ten people in the UK fully vaccinated, we are now ready to adopt a proportionate revised structure that represents the current situation,” she says.

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