CloudES: Helping Construction Companies To Apply New Technologies

The construction industry in India is larger than imagined. It is the second-largest industry in the country. But this industry usually faces a lot of issues like inefficient labor, old versions of the technology, and many more. It is also expected that India is going to emerge as the second-largest construction market by 2022 with an investment worth 50 trillion. In 2017 the infrastructure’s share in the construction sector rose to 9% and many pieces of research show that the share is going to increase by 7.1% on average every year.

Well, the efficiency and profitability of the construction industry have barely progressed in the last 50 years – but with CloudES, construction companies now have the opportunity to apply the latest technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to increase efficiency and profitability. 

Artificial Intelligence is making a big impact on the construction industry by helping to predict potential overruns, safety issues and design problems during every stage of the build. Now the engineers quickly generate the most efficient AI-based designs. It enables the design and planning to be timelier, of greater quality and cheaper. Everything is based on your company’s own data, so you could say the company is constantly getting smarter about itself. 

CloudES was founded by Marc Rosenberg, Martin Knudsen, and Kim Mosegaard, who together represent many years’ experience in the construction industry and business management, with the vision of making it easier to make a profit in construction – and they want to automate the construction industry from A to Z. It is Headquartered in Denmark, with its Operating sales office in Mumbai (India). CloudES has been developed in close collaboration between experienced professionals from the construction industry and some of the world’s best engineers and programmers. 

CloudES has a number of quality features like C-Level Management with CEO Overview, Balance and Report, Budget & Forecast; Estimate & Sales along with Tender Collaboration, Calculation, 2D Quantity Take-off, VDC Integration; Project Design with Budget & Negotiation, Timeline Review, Flowchart (LBS), File & Drawing Management; On-Site features which include Project Economy, Variation Order, Dynamic Timeline, QSHE Mobile; Economy features comprise of Project & Audit, Invoice Management, Billing Scanning (OCR), Finance Integration.

Though the pandemic disrupted construction activities, it didn’t lead to abatement of demand or a drop in need. The construction industry is the second largest industry in India after agriculture. India announced the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) in December 2019 and it is the first-of-its-kind, whole-of-government exercise ever undertaken by the central government. CloudES is scaling its activities in India with more grounded associations in the coming years. 

The construction industry is aiming to bounce back to pre-Covid levels and CloudES is certain to reach greater heights by following the path of valuable values like quality, simplicity, honesty, and loyalty. CloudES is a platform that mixes construction and technology with the aim of giving the construction industry better conditions for growth. 

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