Corona’s Kappa Variant Found For The First Time in UP

Kappa variant has been found for the first time in UP. This variant has been declared as Variant of Interest. At the same time, after the confirmation of the new form of corona virus, Delta, Delta Plus and Kappa variants, the government has sought information about the entire matter from the BRD Medical College administration. Full details including the name and address of the infected have been summoned.

Dr Amresh Singh, Head of the Department of Microbiology, said that the Kappa variant of Corona has been found for the first time in UP. Its B.1.617 resulted from the mutation of the lineage, which is also responsible for the delta variant. There have been more than a dozen mutations of B.1.617. Two of these are special – E484Q and L452R, hence this variant is also called double mutant. As it develops, a new lineage of B.1.617 will form. B.1.617.2 is known as the delta variant, which is believed to be responsible for the second wave of corona in India. Its other lineage B.1.617.1 is called Kappa. It was declared a variant of interest by the World Health Organization in April.

The Delta Plus variant of Corona is believed to be extremely dangerous. It has recently been declared as a Variant of Concern in India. This means that it is the form which is very dangerous. Its cases have been reported in many states of the country. Many patients have died because of this. Probably the first case of Delta Plus in UP has been found in Gorakhpur.

Microbiology and RMRC (Regional Medical Research Center) sent samples 115 times for genome sequencing. Samples were not being tested every time. Because of this, the information about the new variant of the corona virus was not available. After April and May, in the month of June also 30 samples have been sent for examination. The report of the sample taken in June is yet to come.

Dr Amresh Singh, Head of the Department of Microbiology said that the report of genome sequencing of thirty patients has been released by IGIB. Of these, Delta has been confirmed in 27 patients, Delta Plus in two patients and Delta’s kappa variant in one patient. The samples of these people were sent for examination in April and May.

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