Covid: Vaccine side effects correspond to viral threats

Image credit: DW

According to a large study of immunizations, the AstraZeneca vaccine increases the chance of blood clots and another dangerous illness that can cause bleeding.

However, the probability of such difficulties after a coronavirus infection was remained substantially higher, according to the study.

The researchers from the University of Oxford discovered an elevated risk of stroke after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, but at a considerably lower rate than following infection.

The study once again demonstrated the “substantial” benefit of immunization, according to the researchers.

The 44-year-old passed away in May after suffering from headaches a week after taking her first dose. Her brain was clogged with blood clots.

The researchers looked at data from approximately 1.8 million people who were infected with the virus and over 29 million people who received their first dose of Covid vaccination between December and April.

The researchers examined for consequences up to 28 days after being stabbed or infected in the study, which was published in the British Medical Journal.

It was discovered that for every 10 million people who received the AstraZeneca vaccine,

– additional 107 would be hospitalized or die from thrombocytopenia, which can cause internal bleeding and haemorrhages, but that this was nearly nine times lower than the risk of the same condition following an infection.

-an additional 66 people would be hospitalised or die as a result of blood clots in their veins, although this was roughly 200 times lower than the chance of infection.

It was discovered that for every 10 million patients inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine,

-143 additional strokes would be seen, however this was roughly a twelfth of the risk associated with an infection.

Prof Julia Hippisley-Cox, the study’s lead author, said it was critical that people were aware of the hazards, but that they be kept in perspective given the higher risk of infection.

The findings “clearly underline,” according to co-author Prof Aziz Sheikh, “the necessity of getting vaccinated to lower the risk of these clotting and bleeding consequences.”

Vaccinations, he said, provide a “significant public health advantage.”

None of the university researchers involved in this study were members of the Oxford team that assisted in the development of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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