Cyclone Yass continues to have an impact in India

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After the Tautae, now the ‘Yaas’ storm has knocked over the country. The Meteorological Department is monitoring the situation of the storm. Meteorologists are also considering ‘Yaas’ as a very dangerous storm. The impact of this cyclonic storm will be on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Odisha and West Bengal. This will also affect Bihar. This storm is being described as a storm in the country in 2019. During this time, the speed of winds can reach 150 kilometers per hour.

The cyclonic storm Yas, which rose from the Bay of Bengal, has caused great havoc. The storm has flooded hundreds of coastal villages and devastated millions of homes. This led to the death of three people in West Bengal and one in Odisha. Only in Bengal, one crore people have been affected. Several districts of Odisha-Bengal are inundated due to incessant rains. The water level of the rivers rose and hundreds of embankments were broken. Relief and rescue teams are working to evacuate people safely. At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi knows the impact of cyclone in Odisha and West Bengal and plans to visit the affected states today.

Patna Airport officials said that due to inclement weather caused by cyclone Yaas, it has been decided to postpone the operations till 9 am on Friday. Earlier, it was decided to cancel the flights by 10 pm on Thursday night.

Vivek Sinha, director of the Patna Meteorological Center, said that the cyclone Yaas has spread over a low pressure area and its effect will cause light to moderate rains in the state for the next 48 hours. He said that an alert has been issued for some areas, where there may be heavy rains.

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