Donald Trump teases ‘big announcement’ amid speculation about 2024 presidential run

Image credit: The Hill

As rumours regarding his impending announcement of a bid for the presidency in 2024 persist, Donald Trump has stated that he will make a “very major statement” on November 15.

Throughout most of Monday, confidants spread rumours that the former US president was ready to declare his candidacy for president at a rally in Dayton, Ohio.

The crowd gathered in a corner of the nearby airport, which is run by a firm named after the Wright brothers, who created the first aeroplane in their Dayton bicycle shop, excited that they might be about to see history and their man on his way back to the White House.

Any of them would not have been overly surprised by an announcement because “Trump 2024” has been in the works for several months. But in the end, it never 

Nevertheless, Trump raised the stakes a bit more by promising something significant from his Florida home the following week.

Trump was ostensibly in Ohio to support JD Vance, a Republican running for the US Senate. According to polls, Vance is having trouble keeping up with Tim Ryan, a Democrat, in a race that could determine who controls the Senate. However, the former president’s 100-minute speech was primarily about him or herself, as usual.

The former president displayed poll results that showed he has 71% Republican support, compared to just 10% for Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor who is thought to be his most likely rival. Only a few days ago, Trump endorsed DeSantis for governor while also disparaging him as Ron “DeSanctimonious.”

That infuriated some Republicans, but Trump seemed to still control the party, as seen by the fact that when the former president called Ohio’s governor, Mike DeWine, a far more moderate Republican, to the platform, the audience booed him.

Even if the announcement is delayed until next week, Trump will still likely win the 2024 Republican presidential primary. If somebody had the guts to challenge him.

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