Don’t panic about Omicron variant, WHO says

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the new Omicron form of COVID-19 should not cause alarm, but it should be prepared.

Soumya Swaminathan, a top WHO scientist, said the situation currently is substantially different from a year ago at a conference on Friday.

According to reports, Omicron has been discovered in more than 40 nations. It’s still unknown if the highly altered variety is more contagious or immune to immunizations.

Early research from scientists in South Africa, where the variant was initially discovered, suggests Omicron may be immune to COVID-19, but experts caution that the findings are preliminary.

Meanwhile, WHO emergency director Mike Ryan stated that the world now has very effective vaccines against COVID-19 and that the priority should be on expanding their distribution. He claimed there was no data to support tailoring these shots to the new Omicron type.

Following the discovery of Omicron, countries all over the world have imposed travel bans on southern African countries.

Officials in the United States have made it mandatory for all international visitors to the country to undergo a COVID test at least one day before their trip. It comes after officials in the United States strengthened travel restrictions in response to the variant.

Following the discovery of Omicron, countries all over the world have imposed travel prohibitions on countries in southern Africa. It has now been found in at least six US states, including Hawaii, where officials claim the case did not travel recently.

Chancellor Angela Merkel also stated that vaccinations may be required by February. In neighbouring Austria, mandatory vaccinations for citizens will begin on February 1st, while countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands have reinstated or intensified regulations aimed at halting the spread of infections.

Booster vaccinations are being rolled out more quickly in the UK. The government has purchased an additional 114 million doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and has declared that by the end of January, all adults will receive a booster shot.

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