Ebay urges shoppers to pick old over new this Black Friday

Image credit: BBC

This month, the online marketplace eBay is returning to its roots by choosing to solely advertise used or refurbished products for Black Friday.

According to the site, it intends to present a unique strategy for the pre-Christmas buying event.

According to Murray Lambell, head of eBay UK, it was time to get rid of the “purchasing for the sake of buying” approach.

He claimed that emphasising used goods was better for the environment and would assist individuals with the rising expense of living.

Due to households’ lower disposable income, the rest of the retail sector will face difficulties during the Christmas shopping season.

According to the consulting firm Retail Economics, fewer people will participate in Black Friday this year, and spending will be 15% lower than in prior years.

Officially beginning on November 25, Black Friday has grown from a frantic rush to score deals on the high street to a month-long barrage of deals, including those available online.

Ebay was initially created as a website where users could resell used goods, but nowadays, new goods account for the vast majority of its transactions. While there will still be new products accessible throughout the Black Friday season, used products will be the main focus of active promotions.

With its sponsorship of ITV’s “Love Island” earlier this year, the company took a first step toward concentrating its marketing efforts on the “pre-owned” market. In contrast to past seasons, when they were given brand-new clothing to wear on the show, contestants wore used bikinis and other attire.

Other shops have also noticed that consumers are becoming increasingly interested in purchasing used goods.

Beginning this month, Zara introduced a brand-new pre-owned service that gives customers the option to donate, repair or resell goods that they have purchased from its stores. In addition, Primark opened a vintage shop in two of its flagship locations. In the meantime, Marks & Spencer and John Lewis have also started their efforts to take advantage of a market that is expanding quickly.

According to a recent poll of consumers, eBay discovered that about half of them intended to buy used or refurbished gifts this Christmas.

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