Eurotunnel Le Shuttle: Passengers stuck for hours inside tunnel

Image credit: Saudi Gazette

A train from Calais to Folkestone looked to have broken down, leaving dozens of passengers detained for many hours within the Channel Tunnel.

Footage of passengers from the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle being evacuated through an emergency service tunnel after leaving their cars has surfaced.

They have eventually put on another train and sent to the Kent terminal at Folkestone.

Services had returned to normal, according to a Eurotunnel spokeswoman.

Le Shuttle claimed that the situation on Tuesday night started when the train’s sirens went off and that this needed to be looked into.

According to a spokeswoman, these occurrences are uncommon but not extraordinary and happen much more often on trains carrying vehicles than in private cars.

The spokeswoman continued, “We shifted the individuals on board to another shuttle via the service tunnel [which is built for exactly that purpose] as a preventative step for their safety and comfort. “The shuttle was examined after being brought to a controlled halt.

We took them to the passenger terminal building where there was food and drink available, and then we slowly brought out the original shuttle to take them back to their cars.

The service tunnel, according to Sarah Fellows, 37, of Birmingham, was “terrifying.”

According to Le Shuttle, everyone on board the train was moved “by safety standards and as a comforting gesture.” The public address system did not function correctly, and passengers complained of poor communication.

To address the incident-related backlog, four extra trains were added from Calais to Folkestone overnight.

Between Folkestone and Calais, the service provides transportation for both people and their automobiles. It has the longest underwater portion of any tunnel in the world, measuring 23.5 miles (37.9 km). Le Shuttle promised to get in touch with each passenger directly to set up reimbursement.

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