Exclusive interview with Sheetal Soni, Founder of Tattvam MysticTM

Sheetal Soni receives the Global 50 Glory Award 2021. She is the founder of Tattvam MysticTM, a member of the Advisory Board of Bal Bharti Academy (a non-for-profit organization), and a Spirituality Observer. Let us see her exclusive interview.

Please tell us a bit about yourself

I am the Founder of Tattvam Mystic™, Member Advisory Board – Bal Bharti Academy (Non-profit NGO), a Spirituality Observer. I come with over 16 years of experience as a Motivational Speaker, a Socialist, a Holistic healer, a Life Coach, a Tarot Reader, an Astrologer, a Numerologist, a Master Crystal therapist, and a Reiki Grand Master, and much more such as Karmic Contract Clearings, DNA readings, and re-programming.

I also practice and teach Sound Healing, Angel Therapy, EFT, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Therapy, Ho’oponopono, Meditations, etc. I have been consistently involved in helping people with inner work and self-healing. I strongly believe in empowering people rather than making them dependent on me. A strong proponent ofAham Brahmasmi, I am the creator of my life.

What were the challenges that you faced initially, and how did you overcome them?

As a child, I was not subjected to any religious discipline or spiritual training. I was never raised in a religious environment, and no one in my family was aware of spirituality. This deeper awareness became apparent when my mother got ill, suffered from intense depression, and attempted suicide. As a result of my mother’s efforts, I had many near-death experiences. I was sixteen years old at the time, and nursing her sparked an interest in life and death.

In my quest of discovering God and asking to save my mother, along the way, I unraveled so many truths of life. I knocked on the door of every religion, learnt almost everything I possibly could but never got the answer I sought.

I became like Aamir Khan’s character ‘PK,’ in PK, a bollywood movie. I started experiencing prenominations and magically started walking on my true life path of energy work and healing.

What has been your most significant achievement?

My most significant achievement has been to continue to walk on this spiritual path irrespective of all the odds life threw at me. So far, I have achieved to stay, no matter what happens in my life. Rest all the other achievements are the by-products.

How do you come up with new ideas?

I believe there are no ideas; these are the inner voices that I don’t ignore. Anything I pick up or decide to do is guided by my inner voice, my higher self. I am guided, and my only job is to follow the guidance that the divine gives me.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My inspiration doesn’t lie in one person. So many people from different walks of life inspire me, everyone inspires me, from a successful person to a person who faced many failures, from an able-bodied person to a specially-abled person, from a rich to a poor, from a child to an elder one, from an insect to a giant animal, a small pot plant to a big tree, all are so full of inspiration, and this whole creation teaches me something.

What motivates you?

Discovering self every day is an excellent motivation for me. Touching people’s lives motivates me. Waking up every day with the thought that I am blessed to be in the highest form of Humans and alive on the most beautiful planet motivates me.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My day starts with opening my eyes, thanking God for everything, followed by hydrating my body, doing breathwork, loving my jalneti, saying prayers, connecting with self, and then the rest of the people. Get onto my schedule, readings, healing sessions, counseling, and in between stealing time for my family concerns as I have elderly at home who needs attention and love.

I have a habit of having dinner together, taking out time for my me time. I study as I love to enhance my knowledge; I read a lot later at night, connecting with my overseas clients as the time difference is the most convenient time to do their sessions. Then go to bed around 12, say a prayer, thank God, and sleep.

Who do you look toward for advice?

As said before, I am an ardent follower of my inner voice, and I follow its advice genuinely and sincerely.

How do you define success?

Success is a very relative term. For you, it must be getting higher on a career ladder, and for someone else, it could be becoming rich, and to someone, it could be to bring a smile to their loved ones every day. To me, it means doing something that makes you happy and something that you enjoy.

It also means often not taking the path of least resistance but opening yourself to new challenges that enable you to grow and develop mentally, spiritually, and professionally. We all require meaning in our lives, and I believe you are successful when you have found that purpose and commit your life to it.

What are your growth plans for the next 12 months?

I want to commit my next 12 months to learn and pass on all those learnings to as many as possible across the globe. I want to spread this knowledge or be known to as many people as possible.

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