Facebook’s owner will introduce a Twitter competitor later this week

Meta, the owner of Facebook, is set to launch a new app called “Threads” that will directly compete with Twitter. The software will integrate with Instagram and is currently up for pre-order on the Apple Software Store. The software’s screenshots show a Twitter-like dashboard, and Meta calls Threads a text-based “communication app.”

 This move is the latest development in the ongoing rivalry between Twitter owner Elon Musk and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In a recent event, the two even agreed to a physical fight, although the seriousness of their intentions remains uncertain.

In the meantime, Twitter has disclosed that “TweetDeck,” its well-known user “dashboard,” will transition to a paid service within the next 30 days. Musk has been actively promoting “Twitter’s subscription service,” Twitter Blue, as part of his efforts to attract more users. He has also limited the number of tweets users can view, citing concerns about excessive data scraping.

In contrast, Meta’s Threads app is expected to be a free service without any restrictions on post visibility. However, the app will collect various data from users’ phones, including location, purchases, and browsing history.

In recent years, several Twitter-like apps, such as Donald Trump’s Truth Social and Mastodon, have emerged. Another app called “Bluesky” reported increased traffic following Musk’s tweet restrictions. Nevertheless, “Threads” is seen as the most significant threat to Twitter thus far.

Zuckerberg has a history of adopting successful ideas from other companies, such as Snapchat and TikTok, and incorporating them into his platforms. With Meta’s vast resources and Threads being integrated into the Instagram ecosystem, it will have access to hundreds of millions of accounts right from the start, providing a considerable advantage over other potential rivals.

While Musk has been commended for his support of free speech, his actions have also alienated some users. Zuckerberg aims to capitalize on this by enticing disillusioned Twitter users to switch to “Threads” and establish a genuine alternative to the popular social media platform.

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