French President Macron Slapped In Face During Walkabout

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French President Emmanuel Macron was attacked in the Drome area on Tuesday afternoon. Macron was meeting people here. There was also a barricade in the middle, when a person slapped him. According to the news agency, so far two people have been arrested in this case. There may be some more arrests soon. Its video clip has also surfaced. The attacker was wearing a green shirt and was also wearing a face mask.

As soon as this person attacked the President, the security agents present with him immediately caught the person and dropped him on the ground. Macros were taken away. Some reports said that Macron could not get slapped.

It is seen in the footage that Macron is passing by the crowd. There are barricades between them and the people. During this a person tries to say something to them. As Macron approaches him, the man slaps him. Macron’s security agents catch him. According to the information, the attacker was shouting some slogans like “We are upset with Macron”.

“The man who tried to slap the president and another individual are currently being questioned by the gendarmerie,” the regional prefecture said in a statement.

Prime Minister Jean Casteux informed the National Assembly soon after the incident. He said- Democracy means dialogue and debate. In no case we will support violence. Leader of the Opposition Jean-Luc Malcoln said,” We stand with our President.” Bars and restaurants have opened in the area after 7 months, just days before the President’s visit. Night curfew has also been abolished.

In July last year, Macron, accompanied by wife Brighetti, went on a tour of an area in central Paris. Then some people made wrong comments about him. Macron won the presidential election in 2017. Till now not much information has been revealed about the attacker.

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