Fully artificial heart approved for sale in Europe

Picture credits: getty images

Artificial human heart

Heart diseases have been the leading cause of deaths around of world and this discovery comes in a form of hope to all of us. As almost after 30 years in making this research has finally showed it’s positive result. The French company Carmat had finally received it’s European Commission approval which means that now it can go for sale by the 2d quarter this year.

This invention is especially intended for end-stage biventricular heart failure which means there is hope for about more than two thousand European patients with similar condition. The Carmat heart is expected to operate continuously for as long as five years and the cost will be around 150,000 Euros.

As the FDA has approved a feasibility trial in the US, the company hopes to get an approval which means the Carmat heart being introduced in the market by 2024 . This amazing breakthrough might give everyone a ray of hope but the price tag is for sure discouraging which highlights the age old flaws and the role of money in the medical sector.

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