Hive is the modern Twitter alternative for getting noticed- it shows tough to replace Twitter

Image Source- Evening Standard

Amidst the turmoil, several alternative Twitter reports a surge in new users. The latest app gaining mainstream momentum is Hive Social. It’s an app that combines some of the more well-known elements of Instagram, Twitter, and even his MySpace, reportedly started by a college student who was self-taught to code. 

Hive Social has about 871,000 installations worldwide, and in the last week alone, More than one-third of his installed. This week, Hive Social ranked him #1 in the US App Store’s Social Networking category. 

The design is more like Instagram than Twitter. It is primarily image-driven but also has the option to upload text-only posts. I needed help finding people to follow using the search function. To add to the confusion, I checked several different accounts with the same username.

For example, 12+ accounts with the @Catherine username. 

Overall, there was also a sense of community building as tips and advice were shared among many new users to get started with the app. His main feed, which consists of posts from users he follows, is organised chronologically, unlike most well-known platforms. A Twitter account associated with the 

app was flooded with new user signups on Wednesday, stating, “Email verification is still down, but Google and Apple signups are working!” I was. Similarly, setting up an account on the platform faced confusion and glitches. 

“We will remove content that contains authenticity threats or hate speech, content that maliciously targets individuals, personal information intended to threaten or harass, and content that contains unnecessary repeating messages,” the company said. 

“Threats of public harm (including threats of physical harm, theft, vandalism, and any form of financial harm) and personal safety are not permitted,” the website added.

“Hive reviews threat reports carefully to determine if a threat is credible.” 

Hive’s policies are laudable, but the content moderation’s How that goal can be achieved an open question for sustaining new user growth. In an interview with Newsweek, Hive founder Kassandra (Raluca) Pop said only three people are running the app: herself, the designer, and her. “It’s just the three of us, and I think we’re doing pretty well,” she told the outlet. The app’s rapid user growth is impressive for such a small team. It is an achievement. 

Hive launched in 2019, but it wasn’t meant to be a Twitter clone or welcome a sudden influx of angry Twitter users. Did. Founder Pop told Newsweek that she was inspired to create Hive after her frustration with Instagram’s algorithm and ads. Here) and Post. News (currently only accepting new users to join a “waiting list”), the problems associated with other Twitter alternatives are apparent in many ways. Increase. It won’t be easy to replace a platform widely used by brands, government agencies, etc., for 10+ years. 

Twitter’s anomalous situation aside, other social media giants face new calculus brought on by demand whiplash and deteriorating economic conditions. As users and developers face significant changes in how social networks work, digital rights groups argue that it’s also time to reorganise and rebuild based on the lessons learned. 

“The problems of living under a system controlled by an inexplicable mega-corporation seemed inevitable. But the growth of these centralised platforms has stalled, and Twitter is in the middle of an ugly meltdown,” Cindy Cohn and Rory Mir of the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation wrote in a blog post. “Our hearts go out to the thousands of workers abused or laid off by incumbent players.” 

“Big platforms have already ruined it. Build a better one.”

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