Holi 2023: The festival of colours is being celebrated by all Indian

The festival of colours known as Holi is celebrated by millions of Indians. In celebration of the arrival of spring and the victory of good over evil, a festival is held on the day of the lunar month with the last full moon.

In order to symbolise the destruction of evil so that the good may triumph, people commemorate this day by applying vibrant colours to friends and family, saying prayers, and setting bonfires.

Indian culture attaches a great deal of importance to the celebration, which is based on Hindu mythology. The occasion is viewed by many people as a chance to repair relationships, mark new beginnings, and begin again.

Many regions of India celebrate the event with large processions.  They perform dances and songs and host lavish feasts with regional cuisine. Schools are closed so that kids and parents can enjoy a day of festive celebrations.

Cities like Vrindavan and Mathura in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh celebrate the occasion in a magnificent and distinctive manner.

A week is dedicated to festivities. Massive parades of devotees are held in which they dance and fling colour at one another. The days before the celebration are lined with stalls selling ‘powdered colours,’ ‘pichkaris (water guns),’ and other festival-related accessories.

With the motive of celebration , people are also concerned about environment, people are much aware then they were in past.   In recent years, playing “eco-friendly” Holi has been the custom. Any kind of celebration should be responsible and environmentally sustainable. It is what environmentalists have been saying for years. One occasion where such messages need to be conveyed to individuals is Holi.

Keep in mind that only when the festival is celebrated responsibly is it wholesome.  The joys of life are celebrated at Holi. The festivities should not be ruined by irrational or reckless behaviour. It is only our job to save the ecosystem and ensure its viability for coming generations.

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