How Facebook’s Journey came to a closure for Indian Employees globally?

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The Indian employees of Meta have been thrown off guard after the US firm announced 11,000 layoffs globally or 13% of their workforce.

On Thursday, people inside India’s Facebook offices were told that they had been laid off. This was a day after it was announced that 11,000 employees worldwide had lost their jobs at Menlo Park-headquartered Facebook. Though now renamed “Meta,” many of these employees also lost their jobs in India.

A source told us that the emails started coming in earlier than usual.

With the wave of layoffs hitting Silicon Valley in recent weeks, social media forums have been flooded with posts by start-ups and Big Tech employees sharing their thoughts. For example, some people were waiting for their first salary, but the pink slip got there first. Himanshu V (@HimanshuVS) went through a sudden relocation to Canada and was terminated within two days. “I relocated to Canada to join #Meta, and two days after joining, my journey came to an end as the massive layoff impacts me,” he wrote on LinkedIn following his termination from Meta.

IIT Graduate relocates to Canada for job at Meta fired to days later (Image Source: LinkedIn)

Himanshu, an IIT Kharagpur graduate and former Github, Flipkart, and Adobe employee, expressed concern for the future of those in a difficult situation. And as for his plans? Let’s say he left that part out. But if you know of any opportunities, let him know.

An IT professional named Neelima Agarwal, who recently joined Meta, shared on LinkedIn that she is among the people who have lost their jobs. “Relocated to Canada from India just a week back and joined Meta two days ago after going through such a long visa process,” wrote Neelima, “But the unfortunate sad day has come, and I got laid off.” According to her LinkedIn profile, Neelima had left her Microsoft Office job in Hyderabad, India, to join Meta.

After working at Amazon in Bengaluru for over three years, Vishwajeet Jha recently joined Meta and has been laid off. “I joined Meta three days after waiting for the long visa process. Thanks to all the folks who made that transition smooth. Sad that this happened; my heart goes out for everyone affected by the layoffs,” he posted on social media. 

Source quoted from Vishwajeet Jha LinkedIn

Mark Zuckerberg, founder, and CEO of Facebook, recently announced that his company was firing 13% of its employees. This is one of the biggest layoffs in Facebook’s history, followed closely by Twitter’s recent decision to lay off a large majority of its employees.

Throughout the day, employees took to social media to support others who were going through a similar ordeal.

On Twitter, Abheyraj Singh wrote: “I’m grateful not to be among those recently laid-off at Meta. So many of my colleagues are also not exempt. This is heartbreaking and a difficult time in the tech industry. I really want this to end as soon as possible.”

When you are fired, you will be paid 16 weeks’ base pay and two weeks for every year you have worked there.

The company will also provide three months of career support. This includes early access to unpublished job leads that are updated weekly and given exclusively to those whom the company has laid off, Zuckerberg said to the informer.

Many talented and passionate people will be leaving our company, and they’ve certainly impacted our company. They’ll be missed, but we won’t forget all the hard work they put in to help make Meta successful. I’m sure they’ll go on to do amazing things at other places in the future, said Zuckerberg in a message to those who couldn’t return after their time here.

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