In the United States, Kinder chocolate has been recalled due to salmonella concerns

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Ferrero has issued a recall for certain of its Kinder chocolates in the United States due to possible salmonella infection.

Ferrero North America has announced a voluntary recall of Kinder Happy Moments Chocolate Assortment and Kinder Mix Chocolate Treats baskets.

It comes after the company earlier this week recalled its Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs from UK shops.

According to the company, this recall did not affect any other Kinder or Ferrero products sold in the United States. “Ferrero is engaging with the US Food and Drug Administration on reported cases of Salmonella in Europe,” Ferrero claimed in a recent statement.

Several Kinder chocolates have been recalled across Asia, including Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs were recalled earlier this week due to a link to salmonella outbreaks in the United Kingdom.

People should not eat 20g or three-pack eggs with best before dates between July 11 and October 7, 2022, according to the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Kinder Easter egg hunt kits (150g), Kinder Mini eggs (75g), Kinder Schokobons (200g), and Kinder Surprise (100g) were all recalled within a few days.

All of the sweets in question were produced at the same Belgian facility.

Ferrero, the maker of Kinder chocolates, announced that it had made the “precautionary decision” to expand the recall to these goods in the UK and Ireland with best before dates of between April 2022 and August 2022.

The UK Health Security Agency, Public Health Scotland, Public Health Wales, and the Public Health Agency Northern Ireland have all led investigations so far.

 The European Commission announced on Wednesday that it was looking into dozens of suspected salmonella cases linked to chocolate consumption in at least nine countries, including the UK, Germany, France, and Belgium.

It did not name Ferrero or any other confectioner in a statement, but it did say that the reported cases were mostly among children under the age of ten.

Salmonella bacteria can cause serious and perhaps fatal infections, especially in children, the elderly, and individuals with weakened immune systems.

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