Indian student Varun Raj Pucha succumbs to stabbing injuries in the US.

US gym succumbs to injuries photo

Varun Raj Pucha, the 24-year-old Indian student who was tragically stabbed at a fitness centre in Indiana, United States, has passed away from his injuries. Varun, a Computer Science student at Valparaiso University, became the victim of a shocking attack on October 29 when the assailant, Jordan Andrade, 24, used a knife to stab him in the head. Authorities are still investigating the reasons behind the brutal assault.

Valparaiso University, a private educational institution in Valparaiso, Indiana, located near Chicago, confirmed the heartbreaking news of Varun’s passing. The university issued a statement expressing its condolences to Varun’s family and friends, emphasising the loss of a member of its campus community.

Following the incident, Jordan Andrade was arrested and now faces charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.

Valparaiso University remains in close contact with Varun’s family, providing assistance and support during this immensely difficult time. The university also announced plans for a remembrance and memorial service for Varun on campus, scheduled for November 16.

Varun had been pursuing a Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science and had departed for the United States in August 2022. He was expected to return to his home in Khammam, Telangana, India, upon completing his course next year. Sadly, his condition did not improve after the incident, leaving him with limited movement on one side of his body, and he remained unconscious at a hospital in Fort Wayne until his passing.

Anile Balleboyne, one of Varun’s few relatives in the United States, shared that Varun had come to Indiana with aspirations of receiving a quality education and fulfilling his dreams of providing financial and emotional support to his family.

This tragedy has deeply moved and garnered support from various communities. The North American Telugu Society had raised $90,000 through GoFundMe for Varun’s family by Wednesday, reflecting the compassion and solidarity extended during this difficult time.

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