Kolkata Man Serves You Chai For Rs.1000 per Cup. Do You Want to Try?

source: mensxp.com

Originating from India, chai is widespread with many household and Regional Variations. The folklore surrounding chai dates back to between 5000 and 9000 years ago to an ancient royal court – either India or siam. It was said that the king created the recipe as a healing ayurvedic beverage.

“Tea  is a ancient beverage,

 but chai is an emotion.”

So how much do you pay for this wonderful mind-healing beverage? 5 rupees? 10 Rupees? 12 rupees? Partha Pratim Ganguly, A resident of Kolkata has a stall in Mukundpura started in 2014. He sells chai ranging from Rs 12 to Rs. 1000 for a cup each. The tea which he serves you for Rs.1000 is a unique tea which is called as Bo – lay tea and costs Rs. 3 lakhs per kg. Bo lay tea is believed to be taken for medicinal purposes and also known as black tea or dark tea.

Nirjash, the tea stall has gained tremendous popularity in the West Bengal capital. Partha Pratik Ganguly took a risky stance to reach here. He quitted his job and became a tea seller but now his faith in himself which he put forth with immense confidence, can be seen clearly. It has made him a renowned person in not only in West Bengal but also in trending social media news.

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