Lizzo Addresses Fans, Clarifies Misunderstanding About Social Media Post

Lizzo, the acclaimed US pop star, recently took to social media to reassure her fans that she is not stepping away from the spotlight, despite her earlier statement suggesting otherwise. In a post last week, the Grammy-winning artist declared, “I quit,” expressing frustration over facing criticism for her appearance and personality online. However, in a subsequent video, Lizzo clarified that her declaration of quitting was directed at no longer engaging with negative energy and attention.

Known for promoting body positivity, Lizzo has faced accusations of fat-shaming one of her dancers, allegations she vehemently denies. Moreover, she has refuted claims from her former dancers, who filed a lawsuit last year accusing her of sexual harassment and fostering a hostile work environment.

In her original Instagram post on March 30, Lizzo expressed weariness with being subjected to criticism both online and in her personal life. This declaration came shortly after her electrifying performance in New York City, where she performed in front of a sold-out audience that included three former US presidents. Despite her professional success, her choice as the headliner for the event drew criticism from a lawyer representing her former dancers.

Addressing the misunderstandings and controversies, Lizzo released a new video on Instagram, clarifying her stance and intentions. She emphasised her unwavering commitment to her music career and connecting with her fans, highlighting the joy it brings her. Lizzo also acknowledged the prevalence of negative voices and emphasised that she is not alone in facing such challenges.

By addressing the misconceptions and reaffirming her dedication to her craft and supporters, Lizzo aims to move forward with positivity and resilience. Her message underscores the importance of focusing on the joy of creating music and connecting with others, despite the hurdles she may encounter along the way.

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