Melanie C pulls out of Poland NYE gig in solidarity with ‘communities I support’

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After learning of concerns “that do not correspond with the groups I serve,” Melanie C cancelled her appearance at a New Year’s Eve concert in Poland.

In Zakopane, Poland, The Spice Girl was scheduled to perform on Saturday. She didn’t give a reason for cancelling her presentation, but LGBT people and supporters applauded her choice.

In recent years, the Polish government and the TV station that organised the event have come under heavy fire for their attitudes toward LGBT rights.

The singer said on social media that she was “fearful” she wouldn’t be able to perform in Poland on New Year’s Eve as planned due to various issues that have been brought to her attention that don’t line up with the causes she backs.

The musician has been a vocal supporter of LGBT rights and will get the celebrity ally award at the British LGBT Awards in 2021 in addition to being designated “Honorary Gay” at Attitude magazine’s awards earlier this year.

Left-leaning Polish legislators Beata Maciejewska and Robert Biedron applauded her choice, writing: “Being equal is being equal.” “There is no discussion or agreement.”

In recent years, Poland has seen a rise in anti-LGBTQ sentiment, with the ruling party and other conservative politicians routinely criticising that community.

Approximately 100 municipalities and regions issued resolutions denouncing “LGBT ideology” in 2019, while President Andrzej Duda claimed the LGBT movement was “more harmful” than communism.

In Poland, same-sex unions and marriages are not legally recognised. In addition, same-sex couples are not legally permitted to adopt children.

Melanie C unexpectedly resigned from the performance today under the pressure of online comments, TVP said in a statement in response to her cancellation, as quoted by The singer had earlier expressed her delight about appearing.

Amnesty International stated earlier this year that “Poland’s climate of hatred toward LGBTI people is gravely deteriorating.”

TVP is referred to as a “tool of government propaganda” by Reporters Without Borders.

According to the nation’s Campaign Against Homophobia, the broadcaster was recently required to show an apology for the 2019 documentary Invasion, which promised to uncover “the inside story, goals, techniques, and money behind the LGBT invasion” of Poland.

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