Newly launched OneTo11 App creating splash in $3.7 Bn Industry

The Indian Fantasy Sports Gaming is still in its developmental stages but showing numbers that deserve attention of investors and developers worldwide. In just last 4 years the Fantasy Sports industry jumped to 160% increase in revenue, from INR 920 Cr in FY19 to INR 2,400 Cr in FY20**.

The reason for such a strong growth can be attributed to some factors that are unique to India, such as – lowest cost of internet connectivity in the world, easy payment clearance technology like UPI and huge population which emotionally connects with at least one major sport like Cricket. Also, the top 3 Sports gaming platforms in India have aggressively spent on marketing roping in top celebrities and sports stars as brand ambassadors making fantasy sports a common man phenomenon.

What are Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports are online games where participants assemble imaginary or virtual teams of real players of a professional sport. These imaginary teams compete based on the statistical performance of those players’ in actual games. A predetermined set of rules is used to allocate points and using the points winner or winners is/are declared at the end of a match.

The major revolution is that now these fantasy sports games are delivered in the form of an application to common public who can create teams and compete each other to win money. There are already about 15 mobile apps in the market which offer fantasy sports gaming in India like Dream11, MyTeam11, My11circle etc. However, a new entrant making waves is OneTo11. Launched very recently on September 30 2020, OneTo11 has already captured a user-base of over 2 lakh users and generated $ 250,000 as revenue. Despite missing out on almost half the IPL 2020 the app has been able to find success by focussing on tier2 and tier3 cities and onboarding new users via organic growth tactics of referral bonuses and low cost of entry.

The parent company of OneTo11 -Intigate Technologies has been developing apps and software for over 11 years and founders are really excited about the surprising results achieved by OneTo11.

“We always had high hopes from OneTo11 since we put all our experience and efforts in the project. But even we did not expect an overwhelming response in such a short time. Now we are expanding to middle east and US by adding other popular sports such as football and baseball.” -says Ravindra Kumar (CEO and Co-founder of OneTo11)

The OneTo11 app currently features cricket and operate contents for almost every cricketing event in the world like IPL, BBL, Abu Dhabi T10 and international cricket fixtures.

“The goal is to establish a strong user base of cricket lovers and then introduce other sports too for a comprehensive experience of fantasy sports for every Indian. We are ready for upcoming major cricket events in 2021 like IPL, T20 world cup and CPL to capitalize on our great start” mentioned Tirath Sharma (CTO & Co-founder)

The user base of Sports Fantasy Gaming in India has grown exponentially in the last three years, from 20 lakhs in 2016 to 9 Cr users in 2019, registering a 4,400% increase. Just the trajectory of the industry growth indicates the scope of value possible for an application like OneTo11.

The Noida based start-up is already about to reach self-sustainability by the end of April 2021. The ideology of the company is that fantasy sports gaming is a channel to use and monetize the knowledge a sports fan gathers from years of watching, discussing and reading about their favourite sport. The mission is to provide the users with the best gaming experience and contest prize value so in turn users reward OneTo11 with loyalty and brand identity.

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