Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight hints at new series

Image credit: BBC

According to Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, the narrative might be brought back to television by a new creative team.

He said it might go on with “potential new stories” until the 50s.

The drama’s sixth season was supposed to be it’s last, but Mr. Knight asserted: “If there is a desire for the world, then it will continue.”

Additionally, he stated that after the 2024 release of the Peaky Blinders movie, he intended to “pass over the torch” and stop writing.

The Redemption of Thomas Shelby, a new Peaky Blinders dance production that had its global debut on Tuesday at the Birmingham Hippodrome, was the subject of Mr. Knight’s remarks.

The drama, which recounts the narrative of the Shelby family and is set in post-World War One Birmingham, was originally intended to last for seven seasons.

However, it was revealed in 2021 that the sixth season would be the last to air on television and that a movie would wrap up the plot.

In early 2023, production on that is scheduled to start in the studio and Birmingham’s Digbeth neighbourhood.

Ratings for the series quickly increased from more than two million for the first series to over four million for series four after it premiered on BBC Two in September 2013.

For the fifth season, it moved to BBC One in 2019, drawing over five million viewers.

Numerous honours have been given throughout its run, including the National Television Awards (NTAs), which are chosen by the general audience, and the 2018 Bafta for best drama series.

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