Quickwell Remedy is revolutionizing the health sectors by introducing drones and e-pharmacies

We all realized the importance of healthcare in the pandemic. The healthcare system of a country is its backbone. Availability of pharmacies on digital platforms is very helpful and a safe option in the pandemic.

One of the best Indian pharmacies that worked with great efficiency in the pandemic Is Quickwell Remedy. Quickwell Remedy Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO certified company with the ISO 9001:2015 certification. It is an online pharmacy with digital solutions to all the healthcare issues.

Quickwell Remedy is a one-stop solution for all pharmacy issues. The Digital Consumer Healthcare Accessibility allows users to find information about the medicines prescribed by doctors and also buy it. It is easy to use and the services and medicines are available at an affordable rate. It Provides ICU Services and Pathology at home.

The healthcare company offers a variety of services for the comfort of people. Either it is online doctor consultations or home care appointments, or ambulances services they have everything.

In a pandemic when elders and children are at high risk going to the hospital is not advisable Quickwell Remedy ensures ICU Services, hospitalizations, bookings of doctors, and test bookings.

Anyone can easily buy medicines avail of health insurance, Medical Tourism, or can opt for regular health care services.

Quickwell Remedy is revolutionizing the health care system on its own. They are uniting two important things, World Class Patient Care at Home with affordable prices. With more than 50 lakhs+ patients Quickwell Remedy has 2 lakhs+ doctors that are serving the nation. The e-pharmacy has more than 70 lakhs customers.

They understand their responsibility and aim to bring revolutionary changes in the health sector. They want to minimize the gap between doctors and patients and provide services at an affordable price so that no one dies due to a lack of services or medicines.

Quickwell Remedy’s goal is to connect healthcare providers, pharmacies, insurance companies, and citizens and digitalize everything.

As WHO has said that there can be more pandemics in the future, Quickwell Remedy is prepared to fight further battles and help others too.

They want to introduce advanced technologies in India for the healthcare system like drone delivery service. Drone delivery will ensure no contact, and it will also increase the speed of deliveries.

More than 1200 foreign doctors are also working with their team and helping patients across the globe by consultation and treatment.

They will soon expand their company to the USA and Canada. In April 2021 with their services like doctor consultancy and hospitalization facility they will operate at the global level and till next year, they will provide employment opportunities to 1 lakh people in India, the US, and Canada.

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