Rare Yellow Penguin Captured On Camera By Photographer On Expedition in South Georgia

source: blog.theanimalrescuesite,greatergood.com

If you ask anyone what colour is a dog, they would probably give you a variety of answers. But if you asked someone what colour is a zebra—there’s just one correct answer. The same can be said of penguins, one of the internet’s most beloved birds famous for their cute waddle and characteristic black and white colour that looks they are dressed in a fancy tuxedo. However, you’d be shocked to see this adorable penguin which has none of the features we associate with these birds. It’s yellow in colour!

The rare bird was captured by a Belgian wildlife photographer in December 2019. He was out on an expedition to South Georgia, an island in the southern Atlantic where he was documenting a colony of almost 120,000 king penguins.

There he spotted this rare bird with yellow flippers, swimming merrily on the cold waves.

‘It was heaven that he landed by us; If it had been 50 meters away, we wouldn’t have been able to get this show of a lifetime,’ said Adams. He believes this is a ‘never seen before’ penguin. In a series of photographs, Adams captured this rare individual swimming and then going about on land to meet his/her buddies (all of whom are black and white).

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