Rishi loses Truss vote, Liz wins Tory leadership race 57.4-42.6% to become next UK prime minister

Image credit: Reuters

Following her victory over Rishi Sunak, the son-in-law of Narayana Murthy, Liz Truss will take office as the next prime minister of the United Kingdom on Tuesday.

Truss, who is 47 years old, will visit Scotland’s Balmoral on Tuesday to meet the Queen, becoming the third female prime minister in British political history. She earned 81,326 votes in the members’ vote, nearly 21,000 more than Sunak, who received 60,399 votes. She is an Oxford graduate in philosophy, politics, and economics.

Truss was expected to win, according to polls and betting firms, but the margin of victory was less than anticipated: she received 57.4% of the members’ votes against Sunak’s 42.6%.

Compared to David Cameron’s 67.6% vote share in 2005 and Lin Duncan Smith’s 60.7% vote share in 2001, Boris Johnson received 66.4% of the members’ vote in 2019.

The leader of the opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, alleged that Sunak and Truss were out of touch and demanded a general election, claiming: “The change we need is not a shift at the top of the Tory party.”

On Monday, the results were announced inside the crowded Queen Elizabeth II Center, where Truss and Sunak were both seated in the front row.

As the findings were read, Sunak was anxious. But when Truss won, he sprang to his feet and applauded. I’ve said throughout that the Conservatives are one family, he subsequently tweeted. We should band together to support Liz Truss, the incoming prime minister, as she leads the nation through trying times.

Truss appeared ecstatic with the outcome. She honoured Sunak right away after taking the platform, saying: “It’s been a hard-fought campaign. We have, in my opinion, demonstrated the breadth and depth of ability within our Conservative party.

Sunak clapped, but he had a dejected expression on his face and appeared to be crying.

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