Taiwan markets close and planes are halted due to Typhoon Khanun’s devastation.

On Thursday, businesses and schools in northern Taiwan were closed down, and numerous flights were canceled by airlines as the slow-moving Typhoon Khanun passed by the northeastern part of the island. The weather bureau of Taiwan classified Typhoon Khanun as the second-strongest level of typhoon, with maximum wind speeds of 198 kph (123 mph), as it gradually approached the northeastern coast.

At 9:15 A.M. Taipei time (0115 GMT), the typhoon’s eye was located 360 km away from Taipei in the East China Sea, moving westward at a speed of about 5 kph. Anticipated to sweep along Taiwan’s northern coast later on Thursday, the typhoon was projected to then sharply shift northeastward on Friday. This trajectory was expected to result in significant rainfall, with mountainous central Taiwan potentially receiving up to 0.6 metres (2 feet) of rain and around 0.3 metres of rainfall near Taipei’s mountains.

Cities in the northern region, including the capital city of Taipei, responded by closing businesses and schools. Additionally, Taiwan’s stock and foreign exchange markets were shut down. The impact on transportation was considerable, with nearly 40 international flights being cancelled and all domestic ferry services temporarily suspended. Subway services in Taipei were also scaled back, and a substantial number of soldiers were placed on standby in nearby cities to respond to potential disaster situations.

Prior to reaching Taiwan, Typhoon Khanun had already affected Okinawa, a well-known tourist destination in Japan. Earlier in the week, the typhoon caused power outages for over 200,000 households in Okinawa and led to the unfortunate death of an individual.

The arrival of Typhoon Khanun closely followed the passage of Typhoon Doksuri by just a week, which brought about heavy rainfall and strong winds in the southern regions of Taiwan. The island had barely recovered from the impacts of the previous typhoon before having to prepare for Typhoon Khanun’s potential consequences.

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