Taj Mahal Resumed After The Bomb Hoax Caught

source: webjet.com.au

The Taj Mahal is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the world. Being a beautiful asset of love, it has always amused a large number of tourists. Recently, the UP police temporarily shut it due to a call received which claimed that a devastating bomb had been planted in it.

security agencies conducting thorough checks are after listening to the threat. A Satish Ganesh, Inspector General, Agra, has said ” This morning, an unknown person Called In UP 112 and said that there will be a bomb blast at the Taj Mahal. Immediately, as per SOP, our bomb Squad and other teams conducted a thorough search of the premises. So far, our field units haven’t given any information of such an item being found. I’d like to assure everyone that 99% of it is a hoax call. But we are following the drill. “He added further,

Taj Mahal was reopened for tourists in September last year with strict covid – 19 guidelines after being shut due to the global pandemic from 17 March.

After prior investigation, Authorities conducted thorough checks following the bomb threat. Entry to tourists resumed a little after 11 am. A senior police officer said no bomb was found.

“The caller, identified as Vimal Kumar Singh, has been detained for questioning in Firozabad, Additional Director General (ADG) of Police, Agra zone, A Satish Ganesh said.

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