Taliban keeps suppressing the media and forbids international journalists from visiting Afghanistan

Image credit: DW

A foreign journalist named Stefanie Glinski was denied entry into Afghanistan as part of a recent crackdown on the media because of her critical reporting on the conflict-torn nation.

The terrorist group has banned Glinski, a photographer as well, for covering events in Afghanistan. According to Khaama Press, since it is the most recent instance of a crackdown on foreign media in Afghanistan, the episode has angered several groups i

In a study released on Wednesday, the International Federation of Journalists criticised the travel restrictions imposed on journalists visiting Kabul.

Glinski has been prohibited from entering Afghanistan, according to a report from the International Federation of Journalists on Wednesday, October 19.

According to Khaama Press, the International Federation of Journalists condemned the travel restrictions imposed on journalists visiting Kabul and referred to them as a hindrance to free speech and the “persecution” of journalists.

Stefanie Glinski, who is currently prohibited by the Taliban from entering Kabul, has previously stated that the terrorist group harassed her via WhatsApp and that it looked for her news sources. The journalist covered stories in Afghanistan for four years for outlets like The Guardian and Foreign Policy.

Since the Taliban took control in August 2021, there have been increased media restrictions and a large number of media outlets have shut down.

Afghan journalists have several issues under the current Taliban rule, including censorship, restrictions, and information access. Human Rights (HRW) claims that the Taliban have stepped up their attacks on the media as local journalists have complained that it is becoming increasingly difficult to report from Afghanistan.

The journalists claim that Taliban intelligence agents regularly meet with the press to brief them on any new regulations. Journalists have occasionally claimed to have experienced harassment, violence, and arbitrary detention without cause.

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