The co-founder of Apple gave a warning about the misuse of artificial intelligence

The co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, said artificial intelligence can make it difficult to find fraud and misinformation.

He said bad people can use the technology unethically, and it should be released with proper regulations.

In March, the computer pioneer and Elon Musk joined forces to sign a letter urging a halt to the creation of the most potent AI models.

Mr. Wozniak, also known as Woz in the tech industry, is a veteran of Silicon Valley who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs and created the original Apple computer.

Computer systems that can do activities ordinarily require human intelligence are called artificial intelligence (AI) systems. This includes systems that can identify items in images and chatbots that can comprehend questions and provide responses that sound human.

Although Mr. Wozniak doesn’t think AI will replace people since it lacks emotion, he did issue a warning that, in his opinion, it will make criminals even more persuasive because tools like ChatGPT can produce writing that “sounds so intelligent.”

He calls for regulation to hold large internet companies accountable because, “in my experience, they sort of get away with everything.”

He did, however, express some pessimism over the ability of regulators to make the proper decisions: “I think that the powers that drive for money usually win out, which is kind of sad.”

Mr. Wozniak claims that the squandered possibilities at the inception of the internet hold lessons for the designers of artificial intelligence in the present day. He argues that although “we can’t stop the technology,” we can educate the public to better recognise fraud and nefarious attempts to obtain personal information.

Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, stressed to investors this week the need for “deliberate and thoughtful” AI approaches: “We view AI as huge, and we’ll continue to thoughtfully incorporate it into our products,” the company said.

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