The song “Naatu Naatu” from the movie RRR wins the Oscar for best original song in 2023

The blockbuster Telugu-language movie RRR’s song “Naatu Naatu” created history by becoming the very first Indian song to win an Oscar. During the “95th Academy Awards,” the hit song received the award for “Best Original Song,” defeating superstars like Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

Audiences all over the world have been charmed by its entrancing tempo and movement.

India also earned another Oscar for the best documentary short film, “The Elephant Whisperers.” The documentary became the first Indian movie to win in this category; it depicts the tale of a couple who look after an injured baby elephant after it becomes separated from its herd.

The movie “Elephant Whisperers” shows a pleasant bond that forms between animals and humans as they start to coexist. It was filmed in the beautiful Nilgiri mountains in southern India.

“Naatu Naatu,” a Telugu word that means “raw or rustic,” was India’s big winner, though. It is a thumping song that has people all over the world bopping along to its beats.

The song previously made history in January when it won the “Golden Globe award” for best original song, marking a first for India. The song also received the “Critics’ Choice Award” for best song in that same month.

According to SS Rajamouli, the film’s director, “Naatu Naatu” was intended to be a “combat sequence in which two independence fighters use dancing to drive a British commander to his knees.”

The historical fiction known by the initials “RRR”—“Rise, Roar, Revolt”—tells the tale of two revolutionaries who struggle against British control in India.

One of the most expensive movies made in India is the spectacular action epic. The song uses a number of references to the folk music of the Telugu-speaking regions of India. Around 150 dancers and a 200-person team worked 12 hours a day for 15 days to film the song.  

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