The Taliban restricts Afghan women from working and gives assurance to the U.N. that they do not face any obstacles to functioning

On April 12, the spokesperson of the Taliban claimed that there are no barriers for the United Nations to work in Afghanistan because they obstruct the Afghan women from working at the “global body.”

The rulers from the Taliban put an immediate ban on working women and announced plans to take restricted measures. They claim that the female staff in Afghanistan working with the United Nations are no longer allowed to go to work. The “country’s intelligence agencies” actively impose the ban, which are governed by the Taliban’s leader.

The United Nations declared that it cannot accept the decision because it is not ethical; women are the pillars of society, and they quote this decision as a “grave violation of human rights.”

Zabihullah Mujahid, the head of the “Taliban-led administration” and a “member of the supreme leader’s inner circle,” claimed that the government was responsible for Afghanistan’s numerous difficulties.

He added that the decision to restrict Afghan women from working is an internal matter and should be respected by all sides.

“The United Nations’ operations are not impeded by this judgement, nor does it imply that there is sexism here.” On the contrary, we are dedicated to protecting all of our citizens’ rights while also taking into account their cultural and religious preferences. For Afghanistan to advance in its economic, political, and security spheres, it is imperative that the United Nations’ member nations find a quick solution to the issue of frozen Afghan assets, financial services, travel prohibitions, and other restrictions. “The ability to stand on one’s own two feet is present in Afghanistan.”

After the Taliban took control of the country and the subsequent economic collapse, aid organisations have been supplying food, education, and medical assistance to Afghans. A Taliban decree, however, prohibiting women from working for NGOs and, as of now, the United Nations, has had a significant negative impact on distribution.

No country has accepted the Taliban as the “legitimate government” of Afghanistan, and the country’s seat at the U.N. is held by the “former government of President Ashraf Ghani.”

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