The Towie star ‘left a £3 million diamond fraud for an ITV programme,’ according to the trial of Lewis Bloor

Image credit: Sky News

Star’s Essex Is The Only Way court heard that Lewis Bloor had a falling out with “fellow crooks” after leaving an alleged £3 million diamond scam for “some poxy show.”

Prosecutors claim that roughly 200 people, especially the elderly, were deceived into buying coloured diamonds after being given misinformation about their value.

According to Southwark Crown Court, Mr. Bloor played a “key role” in one of the companies engaged in the alleged scheme. The 31-year-old denies any involvement in a scheme to defraud. From 2013 to 2015, Mr. Bloor was a three-year participant in the ITV reality show.

Mr. Bloor received a message from Mr. Ward, who is not on trial, saying, “I’ve done so much [expletive] for you and you put some poxy show in front of this!” Mr. Durose added.

The jury was told that phone texts seized from Mr. Bloor’s computer revealed that he was “engaged in dishonesty,” “involved in controlling sales,” and regarded those who worked as “his boys.”

Prosecutors claim that the accused victims were cold-called and told lies about the value of the diamonds, which were purchased from a wholesaler and resold at a 600% profit. After being called by Mr. Bloor’s alias, “Thomas Hankin,” and other members of the group, Maureen Edwards lost more than £27,000, according to the court.

Mr. Durose claimed the retired social worker spent £31,000 on three diamonds, “wiping her out financially.”

Christine Truscott, a retired teacher, was paid a total of £122,500 after being informed she would make a 22-percent profit, according to the jury.

Maurice Wynes, another accused victim, paid around £115,000 for the jewels. Joseph Jordan, 29, of Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire, George Walters, 29, of Beckenham in Kent, Max Potter, 25, of Enfield in London, Nathan Wilson, 28, of Brentwood in Essex, and Simon Akbari, 27, of Loughton in Essex are the five others on trial.

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