Travis Scott and Drake are being sued over a tragic festival crush in the United States

Image credit: Metro

After a crush at his Texas festival, Astroworld, at least eight people were killed and hundreds were injured. US rapper Travis Scott is facing legal action.

One concertgoer claims Scott and surprise act Drake incited the crowd, and is suing for $1 million (£741,000). Neither party has responded to the lawsuit.

Following the crush, Scott issued a statement saying he was working to assist the victims’ families, the youngest of whom was only 14. Meanwhile, tributes to those who died have been given on social media.

The panic started around 21:15 local time on Friday (02:15 GMT Saturday), when the crowd rushed to the front of the stage during Scott’s headline performance.

According to officials, the number of casualties immediately overwhelmed the first responders on the scene. Approximately 300 people were treated for cuts and bruises.

An investigation has been begun by police in Houston, Texas, after separate accusations that someone in the audience was injecting people with drugs. Several concertgoers, including a security officer who authorities said looked to have an injection mark in his neck, had to be revived with anti-drug overdose treatment.

A lawsuit seeks $1 million in damages for Manuel Souza, naming Scott, Live Nation, and concert promoter Scoremore. Mr. Souza is said to have sustained severe bodily injuries when the concert’s unruly throng knocked him to the ground and trampled him.

Live Nation has not yet responded to the cases, but it has stated that it is trying to offer as much information and support to the local authorities as possible as they investigate.

High-profile On Sunday, US lawyer Ben Crump revealed that he was also representing concertgoers in legal action in the aftermath of the crush.

Scott isn’t the first musician to face legal action as a result of a concert. After being accused of urging people to rush the stage at a concert in the US state of Arkansas, he pled guilty to a public disorder charge in 2018. He also paid over $7,000 (£5,186) to two persons who claimed they were harmed at the event, according to a local newspaper.

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