Twitter should put more effort in tackling bots, not serving subpoenas: Musk

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Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, stated on Wednesday that Twitter should focus more of its efforts on combating spam and bots on its site rather than issuing subpoenas to his pals.

Because of his contentious tweets directed at the microblogging site, which included an image of a middle finger and a video of a man urinating on a subpoena, Musk’s friend David Sacks has already failed in his attempt to get a Twitter subpoena thrown out.

According to court filings, Sacks, the CEO of Craft Ventures and a member of the “PayPal mafia,” lost his appeal after Twitter demanded to see his correspondence with Musk.

The Future Fund LLC’s managing partner, Gary Black, wrote on Twitter that Musk must take special care not to disobey Twitter’s legal team or the court because “Judge McCormick is a no-nonsense judge with a knack for terrible writing.” If Elon disrespects the court, she’s going to rip him to pieces. See the decision on the subpoenas for David Sacks on Friday.

“Read the full judgement,” Musk retorted. With David Sack’s response, we had nothing to do. Zero. “

The Tesla CEO said, “If Twitter invested as much time in bot and spam removal as they spend on subpoenas, we wouldn’t have this issue in the first place!”

The Insider cited the court filing in reporting that Sacks had signed a non-disclosure agreement to assess a prospective investment in conjunction with Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

Sacks replied to a subpoena on Twitter by sharing a video of a character peeing on a subpoena from “The Wolf of Wall Street” and tweeting an image of a middle finger from the cover of Mad magazine.

Twitter complained to the court about this “obscene” behaviour, which the judge stated was the reason the subpoena could not be cancelled.

The $44 billion Twitter acquisition deal has been terminated by Musk, and the case is currently being heard in a US court over the use of bots on the platform. The court is asking Agrawal to respond in an open forum.

Starting on October 17, the Musk-Twitter trial is scheduled to start.

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