US President Biden summon an emergency meeting of global leaders over missile strike on Poland 

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US President Joe Biden called up an emergency meeting with world leaders attending the G20 summit after Poland announced that a Russian-made missile killed two people in eastern Poland near Ukraine. Poland asked the Russian ambassador in Warsaw for a statement. 

A Russian-made missile landed in eastern Poland near Ukraine early Wednesday morning and exploded, killing two civilians. This is probably the first time Russian weapons have fallen on a NATO member since the invasion of Ukraine. After the explosion, NATO member Poland asked the Russian ambassador in Warsaw for a statement after Moscow denied responsibility. 

US President Joe Biden has started an “emergency” meeting with G7 and NATO leaders after Poland claimed a “Russian-made” missile killed two people in the country. World leaders met for the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, and held an emergency meeting Wednesday after the explosion hit Poland. When asked, Joe Biden said, “We have preliminary information that disputes that. Until we thoroughly investigate, I hate to say… In orbit, it is unlikely that it was launched from Russia.

When two civilians were killed in the Hrubieszow district of Lubelskie Voivodeship in Poland, Foreign Minister Zbigniew Lau summoned the Russian Federation Ambassador to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and demanded an immediate and detailed explanation.

US President Joe Biden announced an emergency meeting of G7 and NATO leaders in Indonesia for post-attack talks. Reuters reported that executives from the United States, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom attended the meeting.

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“There have been dozens of missile attacks in western Ukraine. Will do anything,” the president said. 

The leaders were briefly seen together around the conference table early in the meeting. When asked if the US president could share what he knew about the explosion, Joe Biden replied, “No.” When asked what kind of involvement Russia might have, he did not comment. 

NATO ambassadors are meeting today at the request of Poland under Article 4 of NATO. Under Article 4 of NATO, member states can raise concerns about their security. 

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak tweeted on Tuesday that his country was urgently analysing reports of a missile attack in Poland and would support allies if they discovered what had happened. “We are also coordinating with international partners, including NATO,” said Sunak. 

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On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russian missiles hit NATO member Poland. He added: It has already spread to Moldovan territory, and today Russian missiles are hitting Poland. They attacked a friendly environment, and people were killed.

Zelensky criticized Russia for alleged rocket attacks, stating that “terrorists must show their whereabouts. The longer Russia feels impunity, the more within range of Russian missiles. They are launching missiles into NATO territory! This is a Russian missile attack threatening security! A clear escalation. Action is needed—Polish brothers and sisters. I just wanted to let you know that UA will always support you. Free people are not broken by fear. Victory is possible without worry.  

The United States and its Western allies were investigating the report but could not confirm that the explosion in NATO member Poland resulted from a stray Russian missile. However, the Russian Defense Ministry said it is denied.

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