Vandana, the Founder of KAW has Left no Stone Unturned for Promoting her Noble Cause of Animal Protection

Animal cruelty is a brutal truth of the modern world. Around 2.7 million dogs and cats die every year due to lack of shelter, food, and poor health conditions. Humans have inhabited this planet as if they own it.

To change this arrogant attitude of humans and to bring compassion and kindness into them and protect the animals Vandana began her journey of KAW.

Vandana started her journey for animal welfare in 2014 by volunteering in local animal welfare organizations. She rescued 37 abandoned & ill stray dogs, but they all died. This led to her moment of realization.

In 2015, she established KAW as part of the Kannan Foundation. Initially, it was a small project and could handle only a few dogs but with the passing time, Vandana’s hard work started paying off. Her dream is to help the poor animals.

Vandana left her full-time corporate job to serve the poor souls and take proper care of them. In 2021, she aims to further expand her motive and plans to transform animal welfare in India & across the world.

Vandana went a step ahead and came out of her comfort zone to participate in an event to raise awareness for her issue. She participated in Mrs. India World. She felt that it is the perfect platform to promote her cause and from the stage provided to her, she highlighted animal cruelty behind the manufacturing of health & beauty products – cosmetics, skincare, toiletries.  She also highlighted that Animal testing is a common practice in popular brands. Furthermore, she emphasized the need of replacing regular cosmetics with vegan brands and how vegan brands help reduce animal cruelty.

Vandana won the honor of Mrs. Beyond People’s Choice at the Mrs. India Inc 2020-21 competition – a title that indicates just how much people resonated with her cause & dedication.

KAW currently takes care of the dogs and finds homes for them, but they want to expand further and help every animal in need. In the upcoming ten years, Vandana and KAW aim to open an animal sanctuary with an in-house hospital.

Vandana is very passionate about her dream, and she is very dedicated to this noble cause. She is a hope for the animals who can’t take their own stand. She is an inspiration for others who think life is over when you get married. She is a woman with dreams, ambition, and a golden heart filled with love for everyone.

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