Vinni Mobstaz is the new face of the Rap revolution in India

There is a spark of passion in everyone but only a few know to transmit this energy in the right direction. Thousands of aspirants audition on music shows to give wings to their dreams but this temporary fame is vain. Only a few struggle enough to gain glory. Vinni mobstaz is also a multitalented artist who rose from the dilemma of society and is moving towards success.

Vinni mobstaz, stage name of Gummadi Venkatesh is an Indian Rapper, singer, writer, & Lyricist. He was born in Hyderabad, Telangana in a middle-class family. He started with blurred dreams and vision and struggled a lot. In the search for happiness, success, and contentment he failed a lot of times but the only thing that remains constant in his heart was the love for music. 

From his early teenage, he was a big fan of Rap god Eminem and Enrique, he used to listen to their songs on loop. Not even a single day of his adolescence passed without the songs of Eminem. He uses to sing those songs in front of his friends and family but no one except his family supported him in his journey to be an artist. 

He never sidelined his responsibility for his passion. He used to work along with his father. He was always confident and determined about his passion. He gave equal importance to his responsibility and passion but then his love broke up with him and he was left devastated. He then released his song “Dhoka di tu” on 22nd July 2019. The song turned out to be a turning point in his life and then he released more songs as a singer and also directed some songs.

His first song “Dhoka di tu” was based on his love story and he rapped in the song. The song was Produced by AYB arts and Uploaded on the youtube Channel AYB arts.

Vinni Mobstaz completed his studies from Govt high school, Gudimalkapur, and get his degree from RTC X Roads, Hyderabad. His music is his strength and he can sing in three languages: English, Hindi, and Telugu. His family has been the most supportive pillar in his journey. His younger brother and sister always appreciated his worked and his parents encouraged him to pursue his passion. He collaborated with Jatan Chowdhri for his second song “Gum tha purana” which was released on 12 Oct 2019 and was produced and uploaded by One step Productions.

His other popular hits are “Garam masala”, “Beta tera Rap nahi” both were written and rapped by him only. His fifth song was on the ongoing pandemic “Coivid-19” and was produced by Call me G uploaded on Vinni Mobstaz, released on 05 apr 2020.

His songs are a hit and they are successfully streaming on worldwide music platforms such as JIO SAAVN, AMAZON MUSIC, APPLE MUSIC, SPOTIFY, etc. He is ready to upload many more songs in different genres 

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