WhatsApp reactions are coming: Here’s everything we know so far

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Similar to Instagram, WhatsApp could introduce the ability to respond to messages using pre-programmed emoticons. Here’s all we know so far about the upcoming feature.

Message reactions are slated to be the next significant feature to hit WhatsApp soon. WhatsApp users will be able to respond to messages received by their friends using these reaction symbols. This will work similarly to how Instagram DMs currently handle reactions (direct messages).

WaBetaInfo, which has a track record of leaking WhatsApp features before they are officially announced, has now suggested that a future update could add WhatsApp message reactions. However, the functionality is still in the works and may not be offered to beta testers anytime soon.

According to the article, each message will include a reaction details page in addition to message reactions. Users will be able to observe the various responses to a message in this section.

A screenshot also reveals, reactions are presented in an “All” tab, while other emoji reactions will have their tabs. According to the article, users will only be able to respond to a message once, and their responses will be restricted to six emojis.

While the functionality is currently being developed WhatsApp for iOS, it is expected to be added to WhatsApp for Android soon.

The feature will also bring WhatsApp one step closer to Mark Zuckerberg’s cross-platform intentions, which he first mentioned in 2019. Users of WhatsApp will be able to speak with users of Instagram and Facebook Messenger without having to create a new account for each of these applications.

Users of Facebook Messenger and Instagram can already communicate with one another. However, before WhatsApp can be added to the mix, both platforms must first incorporate end-to-end encryption, which has long been a feature of WhatsApp. This, however, may take some time.

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