World’s highest polling station located in Himachal Pradesh, India with count of 52 voters

Image credit: The Indian Express

More than 55 lakh people are anticipated to cast ballots on Saturday in Himachal Pradesh, from Shimla to the frigid heights of Spiti.

7,884 polling places have been put up by the Election Commission, three of which are temporary locations in outlying areas.

In Lahaul- Spiti, Tashigang has one of the polling places set up. The highest polling place in the world, at Tashigang, is located at 15,256 feet, and it will serve 52 voters. To make voting simple for elderly and disabled voters, a model polling place has been created.

The fewest number of polling places in the state—92—are in the Lahaul-Spiti district.

Poll workers had to cover snow-covered assembly constituencies on foot to ensure that even voters in remote places could participate in the election due to snow spells in the highest elevations of the hill state.

The most voters—1,459—live in the rural state district of Chamba. The polling party must trek 14 kilometres to the farthest station in this district, 26-Chask Bhatori, which is part of Bharmour AC.

The elections are being held in 68 constituencies across the state, and a total of 412 candidates, including the chief minister Jairam Thakur and the son of the former chief minister Virbhadhra Singh, Vikramaditya Singh, are running.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has led the campaign for the ruling BJP, which is hoping to end the state’s custom of electing governments for just one term. In a personal appeal to voters in the state, he said that every vote cast for the BJP’s symbol of the “lotus” will increase his strength.

The Congress is aiming to make a comeback following years of declining political fortunes; therefore, the election is also important for them.

The voting results will be tallied on December 8.

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