Yellow meal worms became the first insect in Europe to be approved as safe for consumption.

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The EU food safety agency approves the yellow meal worm fit for human consumption. So a yellow meal worm cake or biscuit is something that you can get soon familiar with. You can have it as a crunchy snack or dip it in chocolate or grind them to make their flour. However, these meal worms are not recommended for everyone, allergic people can have issues with them. Those with prawn and dust mite allergies can face problems in the consumption of this  Tenebrio Molitor larvae.

“This first EFSA risk assessment of an insect as novel food can pave the way for the first EU-wide approval. Our risk evaluation is a decisive and necessary step in the regulation of novel foods by supporting policymakers in the EU in making science-based decisions and ensuring the safety of consumers,” said Ermolaos Ververis a scientific office.  

The nutritional component of the insect includes protein, fat, and fiber. It is believed to be a less carbon-emitting substance. 

Speaking about the benefits of having insects as substitutes in food an economic statistician and professor at the University of Bologna, Mario Mazzocchi said “There are clear environmental and economic benefits if you substitute traditional sources of animal proteins with those that require less feed, produce less waste and result in fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Lower costs and prices could enhance food security and new demand will open economic opportunities too, but these could also affect existing sectors.”

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