A Rare apple ll manual was sold at auction for nearly 6 crore

Image credit: The Financial Express

A rare Apple II manual engraved and autographed by Apple founder Steve Jobs has fetched $7,87,484 at auction.

Jim Irsay, the buyer, is the owner of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts. Last week, RR Auction in the auction sold the Apple II Reference Manual from 1980. Jobs inscribed and signed the 196-page handbook in blue ink on the opposite page of the ‘Table of Contents page. Mike Markkula, a former Apple angel investor and the company’s second CEO, has also signed the page. The manual contains technical information on the Apple II’s operation and architecture.

Julian Brewer was the owner of the manual. In 1979, his father, Michael, secured the company’s exclusive UK distribution rights. ‘Julian, you are the first generation to have grown up with computers. Make a difference in the world! Jobs had written, ‘Steven Jobs, 1980.’ When Jobs and Markkula were in the UK to promote Apple, they signed the handbook.

The ‘Jobs’ inscription, penned in the year of Apple’s stock market debut, strongly expresses his ambition and vision for the future of Apple Computer, Inc. and personal computing as a whole,’ according to RR Auction in website comment.

The comment stated that the manual was in good shape, with only a few minor stains on the front cover.

The Apple II was the first mass-market computer, and it helped turn around the company’s finances. Jobs died in 2011 after a long battle with cancer.

Other Jobs-related artefacts sold at RR Auction included a signed letter in which he wrote: ‘I’m afraid I don’t sign autographs’ for $4,79,939 and a signed letter in which he wrote: ‘I’m afraid I don’t sign autographs’ for $4,79,939 (approx. Rs 3.56 crore).

Following his purchase of the Apple II manual, Isray claimed in a statement to the auction house that he considered Jobs to be one of the most innovative minds of the past two centuries.

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